Stairs are at the heart of every home, and today's architecture integrates them in its interior. Customers' demands for materials, construction and quality of the stairs have recently significantly increased. Stairs can be made of concrete, marble, metal, or combinations of these materials. However, it is wood which predominates in the residential construction industry. Variety of constructions and the possibility of combining this material with glass or stainless steel are the most important advantages of wood. Wooden stairs give a feeling of warmth and lightness, and in combination with other materials, modern look. We use dried, proper humidity, hardwood or softwood, for the production of our stairs:
  • pine
  • birch-tree
  • maple
  • beech
  • ash
  • oak

Stairs can take different forms, and we use Compass designing software to choose the best design solution and integrate it into any space.

Internal doors
As in the case of stairs, interior doors are also manufactured using dried, glued in layers wood. We also offer as standard:

  • adjustable band (any wall thickness)
  • rubber gasket
  • room or bathroom lock
  • glazing (ornamental glass also available)
  • painting, staining, waxing or oiling

To meet all the customers' needs they can choose the door design - and it does not affect the final price. So with the help of our staff the client can decide whether he needs a modern or a classic design door. In addition, we offer custom made door based on historical designs, reflecting 100% of their form and shape.

External doors - distinguish your home
Exterior doors are the entrance to your home, and not only do they protect us against the cold and rain, but also against uninvited guests. Therefore, apart from an esthetic design they must guarantee security, soundproofing and thermal insolation.
Exterior doors, profile 68 x 78 mm three-layer laminated timber are manufactured from:

  • pine
  • oak wood
  • meranti, tropical timber

Standard offer:

  • three-point locking ROTO
  • rubber gasket
  • aluminum threshold
  • models with windows get safety glass VSG 6 mm
  • lazur or opaque painted with Sikkens paints
  • the combination of muntin bars, panels, windows, moldings and colors gives you a huge amount of variations at your disposal.